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    Zinc Plating Services

    Oppacart also provides zinc plating services. We have a 100% automated zinc plating system with 30 tanks and 4 aerial transport cars. Our tanks are 5 meters wide, 1.6 meters deep and 1.9 meter long. meters, ideal for various sizes parts. Contact us and request a proposal!

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    Shopping Cart Repair

    We’re cart manufacturers. Therefore, we are greatly suited to provide its maintenance. We have our own zinc plating system and provide original Oppacart parts! Contact us and request a proposal!

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    Fleet Management

    Shopping carts don’t usually receive the attention they deserve. We can manage your fleet so you can focus on what matters: your sales! Contact us to get more details about this service!

  • Oppacart

    We turn your carts into valuable media. Other than carry goods, shopping carts are great spaces to advertise. We have over 10,000 units being used as revenue generators. Contact us and understand how we can make your carts work for you!