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The oppacart

  • Oppacart

    We are crazy about shopping carts. Completely fascinated by them. We understand they are the hosts of your home and part of your sales team. They are the customers' first point of contact and directly impact their shopping experience. We believe in modern, reinforced, always cleaned and well maintained shopping carts. They have to integrate into the store environment and not interfere with the convenience of the shoppers. They must be ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing. They must run smoothly and lightly, carry everything the customer wants to buy, and above all, be unnoticeable. A good shopping experience is one that takes the shopper from point A to B without going through any difficulty. That's what we believe in and we will constantly work for: to manufacture and take care of your shopping carts.

  • Oppacart

    • High customers, staff and suppliers satisfaction;
    • Corporate governance;
    • Focus on profitability and reinvestment in equipment and people;
    • to manufacture products and provide services;
    • Constantly research and develop products;
    • Meet the domestic and Latin American market.

  • Oppacart

    With an area of 20,000 m2, Oppacart operates in a high-tech plant. Our layout was designed to integrate all production areas, turning it into a continuous production line. We rely on automatic and robotic machines to offer high productivity and cost reduction. We also have a 100% automated zinc plating system.